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Information for Caterers

A big opportunity for private sector organisations

Among people with coeliac disease or simply those following a gluten free diet, the biggest issue is how to eat with confidence outside the home. A recent survey highlighted that people with coeliac disease still feel that eating out is a lottery and that many eating out establishments lack knowledge and understanding about offering safe food.

74% said that they would definitely eat out at restaurants at least every two weeks if there were more safe gluten free options available….and they don’t eat alone! We know that the family member or friend following a gluten free diet chooses where the rest of the group dine and if they find an establishment they can trust, they prove very loyal customers!

Some organisations and individual chefs are doing great things for people on a gluten free diet by ensuring that they get the same quality of service as other customers. There still remains, however, a huge opportunity for this market to grow, much like it has done in the ‘Free-From’ sector. We hope that you will recognise this opportunity, take this course and work with us to make progress.

So, whether you work within a commercial kitchen or in front of house, on successful completion of this course you will be equipped with the knowledge to sucessfully prepare and serve gluten free meals and we will provide you with a certificate to demonstrate your competence. And if you're an employer, be one of these establishments and access the growing £100 million market by utilising our services and learning how to cater for the thousands of people who follow a gluten free diet. In a recent survey of our Members, 93% said knowing that an establishment has been trained by Coeliac UK is reassuring, so give you customers confiidence by taking our training today.

A duty of care for public sector organisations

When someone with coeliac disease is treated at hospital, needs to eat away from home whilst at school or university, or rely on being cared for in a residential/nursing home and you are required to provide adequate catering,  they are trusting you with their health. 

More findings from our surveys conclude that people feel there is a lack of gluten-free options available at their local hospital and that gluten-free option in schools are currently inadequate.

By taking our training we can help you understand the needs of patients, pupils or residents who must follow a gluten free diet and why it is so important to understand the condition. By successfully completing this course you can demonstrate you are fulfilling your duty of care and adhering to the necessary standards at your organisation.

If you would like to know more about the other solutions we offer, such as:

  • Face to face training courses
  • Bespoke support and consultancy tailored to your business
  • Accreditation and use of our GF  trademarked logo for the catering sector

then please contact us on 01494 796727 or email us at cateringtraining@coeliac.org.uk