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Welcome to the Coeliac UK online catering training module for private sector organisations.

Our private sector module is designed specifically for those working in restaurants, cafes, catering, companies, leisure facilities, or other hospitality based venues where food can be served. The course is relevant for both back of house and front of house catering staff who are preparing or serving meals for customers who must or chose to follow a gluten free diet.

Why you should take the course?

A recent survey highlighted that people with coeliac disease still feel that eating out is a lottery and that many eating out establishments lack knowledge and understanding about offering safe gluten free food. 74% said they would eat out more often at least every two weeks if there were more safe gluten free options available… and they don’t eat alone! We know that the family member or friend following a gluten-free diet chooses where the rest of the group dine and if they find an establishment they can trust, they prove very loyal customers. Moreover, 93% of those surveyed said that knowing an establishment had taken Coeliac UK training was reassuring.

The hospitality industry is missing out on an estimated £100 million per year.  Our training can help you understand how to cater for customers who have coeliac disease, are gluten intolerant, or choose to follow a gluten free diet and can help you access this lucrative market.

Under the new Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC) which has been in force since 13 December 2014,  the regulation makes it necessary for caterers to provide allergen information about the food they are serving. Gluten is one of the 14 allergens and our training can help you and your staff to be confident in gluten management.

If you are interested in training a large number of staff or want to personalise a module unique to your establishment please contact or 01494 796727 for more information. We can also offer discounts for those wanting to train 11 or more staff so please get in touch! 

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