If you are experiencing any technical issues please contact cateringtraining@coeliac.org.uk

What IT equipment do I need to take the course? 

You can access the course through a desktop computer, laptop, mobile or tablet with an internet connection. The course is supported by the following internet browsers, please ensure you are using the latest version:

Desktop browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 10
  • Internet Explorer 11
Mobile browsers
  • iOS Safari 9
  • Android browser
  • Chrome for Android


What IT skills do I need to take the course? 

You will only need very basic computer skills to participate. However, if you have any difficulty using the platform or navigating the course, please contact cateringtraining@coeliac.org.uk for further advice and support.


Do I need to pay at the same time as registering for the course? 

Yes. The details you enter at time of registering will be used to set up your training account. You cannot access to course until payment has been made.


Can I pay online for multiple people to take the course?

If you are purchasing more than one login, please contact cateringtraining@coeliac.org.uk.


How long will the course take? 

We estimate it will take around 1.5 hours to complete the course. However, this will vary from person to person. There is no time limit on the course.


Can I return to the course at a later date?

Absolutely, the course can be revisited again and again, until completion.  

What do I get from the course?

Coeliac UK's online catering training course teaches everything needed to prepare and deliver safe gluten free food for people with coeliac disease within the boundaries of the law. It will also provide the user a sound understanding of coeliac disease, how it effects people as well as information on the growing gluten free market and how to access it. You will be able to download a personalised certificate after you have successfully completed the course.


The course covers the following key aspects of gluten free catering in depth:

  • Understanding coeliac disease
  • What people with coeliac disease need
  • Why serve gluten-free
  • The law on gluten-free
  • Managing gluten-free: 7 basic principles of catering gluten-free encompassing:
  1. Choosing and using the right ingredients
  2. Storage
  3. Preparing and cooking gluten-free food
  4. Cleaning and personal hygiene
  5. Communicating with your staff
  6. Serving gluten-free meals – communicating with consumers
  7. Labelling your menu.


How can Coeliac UK help promote my business?

Our GF accreditation scheme offers a direct promotion of your business to our gluten free community (65,000+ Members, 100,000+ followers on social media). Our GF accreditation, alongside and use of our recognised and trusted GF trademarked symbol, provides customers on a gluten free diet assurance that they can enjoy safe gluten free options at your venue. Our accreditation scheme is used across all catering environments. So whether your consumer is dining out or getting a takeaway from your venue or being served food within your hospital or educational establishment, our GF accreditation can help you promote your business and help those meet their duty of care within the public sectors.

For more information on our GF accreditation scheme, please visit our website or contact us at catering@coeliac.org.uk or call 01494 796 727.


If you are a manufacturer of retail food products please see our website for more information on the Crossed Grain Licensing scheme or contact licensing@coeliac.org.uk or call 01494 796 360.

Where can I buy specialist gluten free ingredients?

Our Food and Drink Directory contains a chapter on food service and catering products that are gluten free. You can buy a copy from our shop. We also produce an online Food Service Directory which you can download here. Companies providing gluten free foods are listed on our Products and Services page.  Gluten free staple foods can also be found in most supermarkets in the ‘Free From' section.  


How can I give feedback about the online training? 

We work continuously to improve our training courses and we would love any feedback you have to help improve this service. Please login, click on “Browse courses”, select the course you wish to leave a review on and submit the review at the bottom of the page.


How do I contact Coeliac UK for information unrelated to catering or training? 

Coeliac UK can provide up to date information and support relating to coeliac disease as well as a range of exclusive services. You can become a Member online, or contact 0333 332 2033 for more information.

Last modified: Friday, 21 February 2020, 2:31 PM